By Melanie Ofenloch

Airport: Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
Bar: Admirals Club Lounge
Location: Terminals A, B, C and D (I visited terminal C)
Website: American Airlines Admirals Club

Overall ambiance?

I once had a friend who described business traveler behavior as “business man, business man, business man,” meaning the traveler was so focused on getting to and from where they were going, they didn’t enjoy the journey. This bar is a haven from the outside airport chaos, but it is all business with workstations, computers, comfy chairs, lots of power outlets, conference rooms (for rent), free snacks, and a stocked bar that serves food. This is what you would think a paid airline membership lounge would be.

American Airlines' Admirals Club Lounge: A Haven Away from the Fray | Wine4.Me

How long did it take to get served your first glass from the moment you sat down?

It was crowded, so I went to the bar. It probably took about a minute from ordering to having a glass of wine in hand.

How long did it take to settle the bill when you were ready to go?

From tab to credit card, about one minute.

How many wines by the glass? 5 whites, 5 reds, and 1 sparkling.

How many wines by the bottle? Wines are only served by the glass.

Are flights offered? No.

Describe the wine selection.

For casual wine drinkers (those looking for familiar brands), this is a paradise where familiar brands abound. From the Napa Valley Cellars Chardonnay to Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay on the white list to Folie a Deux Merlot and The Show Cabernet on the red list, there is an abundance of familiar options.

More experienced wine drinkers (those looking for more nuances in wine) will find some brands known for consistency like Willamette Valley Vineyards, Joel Gott and Rodney Strong, but this isn’t the place to discover that new “off the beaten path” wine in the region.

What is the price range for glasses and bottles?

The by the glass price range goes from $9.50 to $14. No bottles are sold.

Are beer, cocktails, and nonalcoholic beverages served as well?

Name your poison. A full bar with the premium brands in every category offers a wide range of spirits. They even had a list of five cocktails.

Were their prices reasonable? Yes.

American Airlines' Admirals Club Lounge: A Haven Away from the Fray | Wine4.Me

Do they offer food?

Yes. A wide variety of pizzas, soups, salads, sushi, sandwiches, snacks, and other fare are served and breakfast is offered in the morning.

Sum up your experience.

If you need a place to unwind, relax, plug in, and get away from the airport chaos, this is your place. But there is a membership cost (either by day or annually) that does not make this an oasis for everyone in the terminal.



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