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Photo Source: Tiffany King of Eat at Home

Mmmm…ribs! Talk about a finger-lickin’ good meal! This delicious BBQ Ribs recipe from Tiffany King at Eat at Home is sure to please. Pair it with one of these wines to make it over-the-top good.

BBQ Ribs Wine Pairing

Saucy, finger-licking ribs desire a wine with equally over the top and intense flavors, showing spicy, juicy, and ripe fruit characteristics. Sweet sauces need something assertive. The following wines all fit the bill.

Malbec: Antigal Uno ~$15

This Malbec is a great choice for these juicy ribs. The wine is big, but not overpowering, with rich red berry fruit, coffee, cocoa, and spice. Medium bodied with mellow tannins this has enough fruit and structure to stand up the tender meat and sweet and spicy BBQ sauce.

Petite Sirah: Spellbound ~$12

Dark in color, this wine offers blackberry and blueberry fruit along with intriguing earth and forest floor aromas. In the mouth the wine is rich, spicy, with intense berry flavors and a luscious texture. Big, bold, and fruity, yet very approachable, the juicy fruit flavors combined with the spicy notes will pair well with the sweet BBQ sauce and spice from the dry rub. It’s also a great value.

Sangiovese: Castello Banfi, Rosso di Montalcino ~$14

Fruity and jammy with cherry, plum, raspberry, and blackberry aromas and just enough spice and vanilla. The body of the wine is lighter than the previous wines with a pleasant freshness and softness, yet maintains enough juicy and jammy fruit to hold up to the bold flavors of the ribs. A great choice if you want something lighter in body and texture yet solid enough to stand up to the powerful flavors in the dish.

Shiraz: Rosemount Estate ~$8

Velvety and smooth with blueberry, plum, and blackberry fruit flavors and aromas. This popular Australian wine has been described as comfort food in a glass with its luscious and richly textured body and generous dark berry fruit and baking spices. Many consider ribs the ultimate comfort food, and this comforting, warm, rich wine is a great pair at a fantastic price.

Zinfandel: Frog’s Leap ~$19

Zinfandel is a classic pairing for ribs, and this one doesn’t disappoint! Intriguing and exotic baking spices (think clove and cinnamon) mingle with cranberry and sweet blackberries in this full-bodied wine. This is an elegant example of a Zinfandel with a great balance between lush fruit, spicy oak, bright acidity, and mild tannins. The wine is remarkably layered, and the structure from the acidity makes it a great match for those juicy sweet ribs.

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  3. Todd Allen 4 months ago

    I agree with all your pairings as far as ribs with a tangy red sauce on them and can’t wait to try them all but was wondering what you would recommend for ribs cooked with simply a good spicy dry rub which we use a lot here in Kentucky.