If you’re looking to give a wine gift basket with flair or want to give a whole evening of ideas to go with that delicious bottle of wine, then I’ve got some wine gift basket ideas for you.

Wine Gift Basket Ideas at Wine4.Me/blog

For Her (Chick Flick Kit)

  • A bottle of Prosecco
  • Chick flick DVD like When Harry Met Sally, The Holiday, Sleepless in Seattle, The Notebook, Steel Magnolias…..
  • Kettle corn microwave popcorn
  • Bottle of bright red nail polish
  • Bottle of shimmery nail polish

For Couples

  • A bottle of Cabernet
  • Spicy steak rub (Prepare your own steak rub and put in a glass bottle or buy one already made.)
  • Crazy, Stupid Love DVD
  • Dove dark chocolates

For Pizza Lovers or Families

  • A bottle of Chianti
  • A bottle of juice for the kids
  • Linguini or pizza dough mix
  • Spicy red sauce
  • Brick of Parmesan cheese
  • A game the family can play together

For Anyone

  • A bottle of Riesling
  • Cedar planks for grilling salmon
  • Salmon rub (We love the Salmon Rub with Love.)
  • Summer in a Glass, an intriguing book by Evan Dawson about the people of the the Finger Lakes wine region that will absolutely captivate you.

For Everyone: Wine4.Me App

No matter what wine gift basket you assemble, remember to give the gift of Wine4.Me. Download and print the Wine4.Me app instruction cards and attach them to the bottle of wine so your gift recipient can get wine suggestions tailored to his/her tastes.

Looking for a few more ideas? I’ve got a few clever wine gift baskets with items from Target as well as a few more gift ideas for wine lovers on your list.

Which one would you like to receive the most? Please tell us in the comments, or share your own gift basket ideas….

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    I’m going out to buy things for my Christmas baskets now…. See ya later!

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