Contribute to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship and make me (and Tom Wark) pay up!

Want to learn more about wine? Do you love the reviews and resources offered by bloggers to you for FREE?

If so, please help me help some deserving bloggers make it to the Wine Bloggers Conference this August by contributing to the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund.

Tom Wark of the wine blog Fermentation has committed to matching donations to the fund marked by “Make Tom Wark Pay Up” up to $500.

I’m willing to raise the impact of his contribution to $1,001 dollars.

That’s right. If $500 or more is raised from contributions earmarked from Tom Wark’s challenge, VineSleuth will contribute $501 to the scholarship fund, making the total contributions jump to at least $1,501!!

To make this happen, the Wine Bloggers Conference Scholarship Fund needs your help. Go check out Tom’s post and follow his instructions to contribute to the fund.

Every $10, $20 and $100 makes a difference. And if the total reaches $500 from each of you, then between Tom and VineSleuth, the fund will receive an additional $1,001 on top of your contributions.

I hear that $250 has already been raised. Can you help get that to $500, which will really then be $1,501???

Help send some deserving wine bloggers to the WBC so they can learn more, network and deliver all of us even better writing and resources about wine on the web.

So what do you think… Are you in????


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