Updated Dinner & Wine for $20 or Less is FREE for a limited time

Want to make and serve a delicious dinner with a well-matched wine for less than $20 for both?

I’m here to help with simple food and wine pairings you can serve at ease in your own dining room at home!

I’ve got 19 recipes for you, paired with more than 125 wines that cost $15 or less, in my updated ebook, Dinner & Wine for $20 or Less.

And guess what…

Just through Sunday October 7 14, you can download Dinner & Wine for $20 or Less for absolutely FREE!

You’ll find deceptively impressive dishes from $5 Dinner mom Erin Chase like Chive-Crusted Beef Roast with Creamy Horseradish-Chive Sauce, comfort foods like Crockpot Country Ribs with Mashed Potatoes and Beef Stroganoff, grilled favorites such as Grilled Sage Chicken Packets and meals you can double up with ease to enjoy right away and freeze for later like Italian Stuffed Shells. Every single meal selected is one I would happily serve my own family and friends. (The new Tilapia Scampi is already an easy favorite at my house.)

Plus, you won’t even have to solve the puzzle of what wines to pair with each meal… I’ve already done that for you!

What will you make for dinner this Friday night after you download it? These recipes are so simple, it’ll even change what you prepare Wednesday nights, too.

I’m giving Dinner & Wine for $20 or Less away as a gift to you this week, but I’ll start charging for the book Monday, October 8 15. So download it now and get ready to enjoy mealtime even more.

Go to the Dinner & Wine for $20 or Less purchase page for the FREE download.




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