Etched Wine Bottle Water Pitcher

Etched glass wine bottle water pitcher from Newcomb Home featured at Wine4.Me/blog

Source: Newcomb Home

If you love wine, chances are you’ve got some empty wine bottles in your recycling bin. Why not give one or two new life as an etched wine bottle water pitcher?  Katie Newcomb of Newcomb Home has an easy-to-follow tutorial on how to turn old wine bottles into water pitchers. You just need an old bottle (label removed), glass etching cream, a brush and a stencil. Katie used a Cricut machine to make her own stencil, but you can easily make one with contact paper and an xacto knife.

Use your imagination and see what else you can create with this same glass etching method. You could try:

  • A set of numbered wine glasses. Who needs wine charms when each glass has its own number? Alternatively, you could use other identifying marks such as symbols or letters.
  • A pair of Bride & Groom (or Hers & His) champagne flutes for a wedding day.
  • Personalized pint glasses for beer.

What would you make using this glass-etching tutorial?

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