Wine Cork Canapé Knives

Wine Cork Canapé Knives at Wine4.Me/blog

Source: Val from Yarni Gras!

If you’re serving cheese and spreadable dips at your next gathering, make sure that you have the right tools. Of course, you’ll want to identify your cheeses with Cheese Markers, and you’ll want to have canapé knives for the spreadable cheeses and dips. Perhaps your canapé knives have seen better days. You could buy new ones…or you can give yours new life by replacing the worn or broken handles with wine corks!

Val of Yarni Gras and The Little Things has a fantastic tutorial on how to make your own canapé knives using wine corks. Isn’t Val sweet? She even includes a recipe to use along with your homemade wine cork knives. Looking for other spreadable dips to serve with your new canape knives? Try one of these:

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