Easy Wine Charms

Easy Wine Charms from Not Martha featured at Wine4.Me/blog

Source: Megan from Not Martha

Wine charms not only help you know whose glass is whose, but they can also be conversation-starters with the right charms, or help you remember which wine is which when tasting several wines. Unless, of course you want to use sticky notes, which, um, I admit I’ve used more than a few times, like in this post when I was tasting Les Deux Rives Corbieres Blanc and Ladoucette Les Deux Tours Sauvignon Blanc….

But I digress.

Of course, you can buy wine charms, but unfortunately store-bought charms have some drawbacks. They are usually sold in packages of only 4 – 6 charms, and often each charm can up to $2.

Why not make them yourself? According to Megan of Not Martha, wine charms are “ridiculously easy” to make. Check out Megan’s tutorial on how to make your own custom wine charms, and be prepared for your next party! They also make wonderful homemade gifts for the wine drinker and entertainer.


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  6. We made wine charms using Shrinky Dinks – yes remember them from your childhood. They came out great, but was very time consuming.

    1. VineSleuth

      That is AWESOME, Debbie! Love that!

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