Generous Pour Menu at The Capital Grille

by Amy Gross, the Vine Sleuth

So often at restaurants, even I feel intimidated about choosing just one wine. I love to branch out and try something new, but I hate it when I order one and don’t like it. I feel stuck with a dud and out the money I wasted on a wine I don’t like.

The Captial Grille, a restaurant I’ve enjoyed for their dry-aged steaks for years, has a great solution to this problem this summer, as they have for the past four summers, in the Generous Pour promotion.

Generous Pour

You can order any one of the seven wines on the Generous Pour menu for $25 with dinner and have unlimited pours of that wine.  Or, you can mix it up and order a different wine each time. I love that concept because it encourages guests to explore new wines.

I visited The Capital Grille in Houston last week to check out the Generous Pour promotion, and I have to say I was really impressed. The Generous Pour was the perfect opportunity to try several delicious wines and play with the pairings with my dinner. I absolutely loved it.

When we told our waiter, Miguel, that I wanted to try out the promotion, he didn’t wait for me to select one wine, instead he just brought the first two and asked if I would like to try them all throughout my dinner. This guy knew just what I wanted!

I went into the restaurant intending to order steak, but the La Crema Pinot Gris just cried out for oysters, so I convinced my husband to share the Cold Shellfish Platter with me. And then he let me have a few bites of his steak so I could let the reds shine as well.

Miguel took me through all seven wines, and I enjoyed each and every one. Really. My favorites were the Pinot Gris I mentioned above (and which was fuller bodied than I had anticipated) and the Atalon Cabernet Sauvignon, which features grapes from seven select vineyards across Napa.

Master Sommelier George Miliotes, one of only 201 Master Sommeliers worldwide, selected the seven wines in the promotion. This year all of the wines are from California.

Generous Pour 2

Generous Pour Wines

The 2013 Generous Pour Wine Event includes these seven wines: (Descriptions provided by The Capital Grille)

  • La Crema, Pinot Gris, 2012 (Monterey, CA): With ripe citrus and peach aromas, complemented by yellow apple flavors, this delicious, crisp white is the ultimate appetizer wine. 
  • Matanzas Creek, Sauvignon Blanc, 2011 (Sonoma County, CA):  A bright, joyous wine with aromas of lime, grapefruit, and lemon thyme, and notes of green melon, pear, and papaya. Delights the palate and pairs beautifully with seafood.
  • Freemark Abbey, Chardonnay, 2011 (Napa Valley, CA): With its perfect straw color, aromas of apple, banana, and mango, and hints of nutmeg and vanilla, this Chardonnay is the standard against which all others can be judged.
  • Hartford Court, Pinot Noir, 2011 (Russian River Valley, CA): Intensely red in color, with flavors of cherry and raspberries followed by spice and vanilla. Powerful yet silky, it’s the epitome of what a cool-climate Pinot can be.
  • Kendall Jackson Highland Estate, Taylor Peak, Merlot, 2005/2006 (Bennett Valley, CA): Rich and round, with flavors of ripe plum, cooked cherries, and chocolate intermingled with ripe blue fruit and toasty oak. Medium-bodied with a delightfully long finish. 
  • Atalon, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2009 (Napa Valley, CA): A classic Cabernet featuring cassis, blueberry, and blackberry aromas followed by red berries, flowers, and spice. Voluptuous, velvety and pure Napa. 
  • Arrowood, Saralee’s Vineyard, Syrah, 2007 (Russian River Valley, CA): A gorgeous bouquet of ripe blackberry and violets, with flavors of plump blueberries, cracked pepper, and allspice, finishing with a long, lush mouth-feel. It is a beautifully complex wine.

Like I said, this list was perfect for me, and I enjoyed exploring. However, if none of those wines speak to you, or you aren’t up for trying several wines in one meal, the restaurant also offers a list of 350 wines on their regular list in addition to the wines on this promotion. But I’d go the exploration route if I were you.

The Generous Pour at The Capital Grille promotion is on now through September 1, 2013 at all 49 locations nationwide. Check The Capital Grille website for details.

**This is NOT a sponsored post in any way. My husband and I dined at The Capital Grill on our own dime unannounced.


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  2. Toni

    Wow, what a fabulous idea! I never know what wine to order so I love the idea of being able to try a few different wines without going broke! Then I’ll know exactly what to order the next time.

    I love Capital Grille! Great restaurant- although I don’t dine there nearly enough. Now I have an even better reason to go!


  3. Madeline Puckette

    This is a really great idea to help people expand their palate and watch their wallet! I hate to say it but it almost reminds me of an endless buffet. Still, this might be the familiar type of promotional marketing that will get people to think outside of their box..

    But will people branch out? Or will they just go for the comfort of unlimited pours of “Cabernet” as they call it ;)


  4. Cindy A.

    We dine at the Capital Grille here in Orlando at the Milllenia Mall. We were there a few weeks ago and our server told us about the Generous Pour which hadn’t started yet. We were excited because, like you, it gave us an opportunity to try many wines at a very affordable price.
    Thanks for reminding of the Generous Pour… we had forgotten about it. Looks like that will be our meal (and wine) plan for this evening!
    Great article, btw.

  5. Dineen

    We ate at the Capital Grille last Friday night with Scott’s sister and brother-in-law. Both Scott and I tried the Generous Pour. My favorites were the Pinot Gris & the Cabernet, and Scott loved the Syrah. Great wine, delicious food!!

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