Living Social: 3 Wine Deals from Invino

Living Social is offering several deals for a trio of wine and a $10 gift card for to be used on a future purchase.  Here are the available selections:

  • Red, White and Wow $45: a bottle of 2009 Burnside Road Sauvignon Blanc, Westwood Pinot Noir, and Max Wagner Riesling (a $100 value)
  • Three Shades of Red $50: Sempre Vive 2003 Cabernet, the 90-point 2009 Stickybeak River Pinot Noir, and 2009 Georgetown Divide Grenache rosé (a $112 value)
  • Que Syrah, Syrah, Syrah trio $50: from Moon Mountain Estate Vineyard, an ’04, ’05, and ’06 Syrah ($115 value)

Order your preferred wine package here.

Please note the fine print listed on the deal regarding states that they cannot ship to before you order!

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