Need help selecting wine?

By Amy Gross

As a wine writer and blogger, people are often asking me for good wine recommendations. I get calls from friends at restaurants, texts from friends in stores and emails as people are planning parties.

Even though I definitely have my favorite wines, as well as my go-to regions and varieties (grape types) and blends for certain situations, it is still a challenge for me to give a good answer to those questions.

You see, wine, like food, is very personal. What I like, you might not like as much. When you are drinking wine, you should drink what you like, not what I like or what anybody tells you to like.

But that’s not easy to do when you aren’t sure just what you like… or what is in a wine you haven’t tried.

VineSleuth is about to make finding new wines you like a lot easier with Wine4.Me, a personal preference wine ranking engine for smartphones and the web which will launch in beta later this year.




Behind the scenes at VineSleuth we’ve been working with sensory scientists, wine experts and wine evaluators to develop this revolutionary new product and it is almost time to share it with you… but not quite yet.

If you have an iphone or ipod and want to be one of the first to find out more about Wine4.Me, click over to Wine4.Me  and sign up to be one of our very first beta testers, and one of the first to know when we do launch publicly.

I’ll be sure to keep VineSleuth Uncorked readers posted as to our progress here, too, so if you don’t receive VineSleuth Uncorked in your inbox already, be sure to subscribe here to stay in the know.


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