Is the bottom of the pyramid of wine drinkers a potential market? I say YES!

Hanging out with a few very casual wine drinkers. Untapped market or market to overlook?


Earlier today I read 1WineDude’s post which shared his perspective on Vintank’s “pyramid of wine drinkers.” The true wine geeks hold the top level of the pyramid, those who sometimes track their tastings the middle…

“and then there’s everybody else – and that everybody else is a huge number of people, but not necessarily a big potential market.” –1WineDude

As much as I enjoyed meeting Joe (and learned from his tasting wisdom and techniques during the speed tasting rounds at the Wine Bloggers Conference,) I have to respectfully disagree with his statement that there is not a big potential market at the bottom of that pyramid.

Perhaps those 62 million at the bottom of the pyramid he referred to may not achieve or even aspire to true wine geek-dom, but they, however, are a quite overlooked market in terms of wine. And helping them learn about and enjoy wine can only be a good thing.

As a busy mom of three, wife, volunteer, family travel blogger, moms devotional blogger, and now a wine blogger, I come into contact with plenty of other moms who want to know more about wine, but just aren’t willing to put in the effort to figure out and appreciate all of the intricacies.

These women are smart, savvy and want to serve a delicious wine with dinner, with friends or at their next party, but aren’t confident to make choices on their own. They want to order a glass (or bottle) with dinner but aren’t sure where to start and don’t know if they can trust the waiter to guide them. They have plenty of other things battling for their time, so researching wine and becoming a oenophile isn’t going to happen right now… but they still want to enjoy wine without all the homework.

These women, and the other potential customers just like them, are waiting to be guided. Joe may be right. Wine geeks they may never be… but they are definitely a potential market ready to be turned into regular wine consumers.

And I am here to answer their call and help those regular, casual wine drinkers drink better wine and become better wine consumers, just as I learn more myself.

There are plenty of grapes out there. Anyone else want to help me share the wine?


  1. Sherri Ross

    Of course I want to help you share the wine! I’ve visited almost 60 wineries over the past few years, and have sampled many, many wines. Although I’ve taken quite a few tours and learned quite a bit – it tends to go in one ear and out the other. In Napa I think I’m not in the right frame of mind to actually learn – maybe one day. Little by little it sinks in – with enough repetition I may have a good understanding of it all one day. I am a total novice. I know what I like and what I don’t. I will try new things hoping to find a new favorite. I know a few “wine snobs,” and I just don’t always agree with what they feel is a great bottle of wine. A great bottle of wine doesn’t have to be $50+, or come from a certain region or be by a certain winery/winemaker. Just like with art, people have different tastes. Thanks for trying to address us wine commoners.

  2. Mary

    You make some great points and I totally agree with you!
    As for Joes post, I agree that I don’t think many people (at what he calls the bottom of the period) will use mobile wine apps (heck I don’t even use wine apps on my phone and I AM a true wine geek), BUT as you mentioned there is HUGE market for those wine consumers (for information/sales/etc).
    They may not ever be wine geeks, but they do buy lots of wine and many of them really want to learn something. When I started my business I thought it would attract mostly industry/wine folks, but I found that overwhelmingly it was everyday people (and mostly women) who wanted to pay to learn simple things about wine, attend a tasting, class, etc. They didn’t want nerdy technical info, but they did want to learn basics! I guess thats why many wine blogs are so great…. they cater to different types of wine drinkers/audiences. Joe writes to those who already know a lot and want to learn even more (and thats awesome)… others cater to different audiences, perhaps those on a more basic level.

    1. VineSleuth

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving your input. I find it encouraging to hear that your client base has turned out to be just this market.

      And I completely agree that the different audiences pair well with so many different voices offered on different wine blogs… That’s just another beauty the blogging world has to offer.

      PS Even if I disagree with this one point, I really do dig Joe’s site… he offers a lot of great information without being overwhelming.

  3. Somebody's Mimi

    How can I “share” this on my facebook? I like how you think… there is enough juice out there for everyone. Btw, I usually dine at high end restaurants so I normally ask the waiter for a mid priced wine that will compliment my dinner. So far I have had good luck with that process. I normally will take a photo (with my iphone) of the wine label so I can remember it.

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