Snooth’s People’s Voice Wine Awards

by Amy Gross, the VineSleuth

Snooth's People's Voice Wine Awards | VineSleuth Uncorked

Each year the wine website Snooth surveys regular people like you and me who enjoy wine to see which wines are their favorites. This isn’t a contest based on what famous critics like; it’s based on what regular wine drinkers enjoy.

Last week, Snooth announced the winners in the Value wine category, which features wines roughly under $15.

This week, Snooth shares the winners in the Premium wine category, or wines between $15-$25.

Go take a look and then come back to let us know in the comments–did any of your favorites make the list? Which ones?

I was delighted to see several of my faves on the lists.

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  1. Evelyn Allen

    Hello, fantastic recommendation and an fascinating article, it’s going to be interesting if this is still the situation in a few months time

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