Support Your Local Wine Bar

by contributing writer Steve Gross

During a recent birding weekend to the usually wineless hamlet of Junction, Texas, I got wind of a relatively new wine bar and bistro in town. This was quite a surprise, as haute cuisine and Junction are usually not uttered in the same breath.

All the same, my friend Geoff and I took the plunge, and I’ve got to say that we weren’t disappointed.

Junction Rivers Wine Bar

Junction Rivers Winery and Bistro served up a very enjoyable early evening of wine and really good pizza. We were unable to sample the remainder of the dinner menu (or the desserts, disappointingly) because there was live music that night. So, pizza it was, and it was really good.

We tasted four wines: Petite Syrah, Sangiovese, Malbec, and Cabernet Franc. We particularly liked the rustic edges to the Petite Syrah and the Sangiovese. The other two wines were smooth but not terribly aromatic.

However, this post is not so much about the specifics of the Junction Rivers Winery and Bistro, as much as it’s about local boites like this. When you find out about them, make a visit. The presence of pretty fine wine and very good food in a dusty town like Junction means that there’s hope that more people will get exposed to them.

When you’re out of town and find out about a wine bar, go in for a glass or a meal (we found out about Junction Rivers through Trip Advisor). What you’ll get is an opportunity to discuss wine, sample some potential sleeper wines from unheralded regions, and help to keep these places in business.

I for one would love to see a wine culture grow across the US, without regions bereft of good wine. Imagine, coast to coast fine wine, right there next to the McDonald’s and Wal-Mart! Support your local wine bar!

Steve GrossSteve Gross likes wine that smells good, moves him to states of reverie, and demands a second, third, or fourth taste. Seeking these wines keeps him busy, but he somehow finds time to work as a Special Education Teacher and to guide birdwatchers throughout Texas and the Western US. Look for Steve wherever great food and wine, mountains, birds, and fresh air are found

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