The Web Uncorked – Our Favorite Wine Reads of the Week

Lots of international wine news this week. Enjoy and let us know what you think.


News from France about export numbers from this year.

The inside scoop on Krug, one of the world’s finest champagnes.

1WineDude joins in on the “I Love Riesling” chorus.

Brooklynguy makes a bold prediction on the wines of 2010.

Drink sake for a good cause, Japan disaster relief.

Dr. Vino brings up some good points about wine pricing. Is it cheap just because it’s cheap?

They’re not just buying fine wine in China, they’re making it, too!

Argentina garners much praise (and prizes, too) at the Decanter Magazine World Wine Awards.


Where do you like to read about wine (aside from Vine Sleuth Uncorked, of course. :) )?

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