Wine and Chocolate Pairing Chart

By Amy Gross, the Vine Sleuth

I am a fan of wine and chocolate pairing. I love playing with the combinations to see what goes together in terms of what wines make the chocolates taste better and what chocolates can make the wines taste better. And then there are those beautiful times when both the wine and chocolate make the other even more delicious. Ahhhh, fantastic!!

If you’d like to play with some of these combinations of wine and chocolate yourself, I’ve got a special treat for you—a printable wine and chocolate pairing chart.

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Chart at Wine4.Me/blogDownload and print this two-page Wine and Chocolate Pairing Chart, pull together some wines and chocolates, and see which ones go beautifully together and which ones, well, not so much. If you’d like some tips on wines and chocolates to pair, check out these tips on how to pair wine and chocolate.

So download this simple printable, get some wines and chocolates, and maybe some friends, and get pairing and tasting.  And then tell me what your faves are. I’d love to know so I can try them, too.


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