Wine Cork Craft: Cork Chandelier

Wine Cork Chandelier from Mox & Fodder featured at Wine4.Me/blog

Photo Source: Mox & Fodder Used with permission.

It’s no secret, wine corks can be fun to collect, especially now that vineyards are getting more creative with their cork design. But, how can you display your collection? Wine cork crafts are a fun and functional way to do that.

Cork Chandelier

Kathryn and Joey from Mox and Fodder came up with an ingenious way to reuse an old fan grate and transform it into a cool and unique decor piece for their home.

If you don’t have an old fan grate to use, you can check thrift stores like Kathryn and Joey did. If you still don’t have any luck finding one, try these ideas.

Fan Grate Substitutes

  • Embroidery Hoops – Get a few wood embroidery hoops in different sizes from the craft store. Use the solid inner rings and place them in concentric circles. Use wire or string to tie them in place together. You’ll need to create a hanger at the top, and then suspend the corks below.
  • Craft Wire – Create your own hoops with heavy-duty craft wire. You could try something like this Panacea Naturally Wired Wire. Twist the ends of a length of wire to create your own hoops. Lay them concentrically and attach them together with more wire. Again, you’d need to create your own hanger too.

Be sure to stop by Mox & Fodder for more specific instructions on how to assemble your own DIY Wine Cork Chandelier!

Janel Piersma is virtual assistant, diy craft blogger, mom, and “law school wife” in Virginia. She blogs about motherhood, DIY, crafts, and living on a student’s budget at Life with L & E.

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  1. Whytney

    OMG!!! I LOVE the cork chandelier! It would go great in my breakfast room with my wine cork chair rail!

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