Chicken Alfredo Recipe and Wine Pairing

If you’re a fan of chicken Alfredo, try Andrea’s Olive Garden’s Chicken Alfredo Copycat Recipe and use the wine pairing guide below to create a winning chicken and wine combination that you can serve without hesitation.

Chicken Alfredo Wine Pairing

Chardonnay: Bogle Vineyards ~$12

Chardonnay is a great match for creamy sauces with a white wine base. To get the most out of the experience use this same wine as the cooking liquid for the Alfredo sauce. Slightly toasty and creamy, this wine will match the rich creamy flavors of the Alfredo sauce creating a rich and indulgent experience.

Chardonnay: Veramonte Chardonnay Reserva, Chile ~$14

(See notes above for Chardonnay and Alfredo sauce.)
Similarly, this wine will present some light creamy characteristics, but also adds bright fruit and fresh acidity, which will allow it to cut through the richness of the dish creating a balance between the creamy sauce and bright wine.

Torrontes: Crios de Susana Balbo Torrontes ~$15

Sometimes considered the Chardonnay of Argentina, this white wine is a star in this region. Lighter in body than a typical Chardonnay, this wine is aromatic, with bright and sometimes exotic fruit, with high acidity, making it great to cut through the creamy nature of the dish brightening it up and adding some freshness and fruit notes.

Barbera: Michele Chiarlo Barbera d’Asti ~$18

Because of this wine’s high acidity and low tannins it pairs surprisingly well with creamy white sauces. The acidity can cut through the cream, and with little tannins you don’t have to worry about finding something to tame them.  A good choice for those who prefer to drink their red wines with most dishes.

Dolcetto: Domenico Clerico Langhe Dolcetto Visadi ~$18

Another option for those who prefer red wines.  Though this wine is lower in acid, it is generally higher in fruit aromas, and with more noticeable tannins, it pairs well with some of the saltier flavors of the dish (primarily the Parmesan cheese and garlic) and balances well with the fatty cream.

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