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Tired of the same ol’, same ol’ burger? Kick things up a notch up with this beautiful recipe for Chicken Caesar Burgers with Parmesan Crisps from Lauren of Climbing Grier Mountain. It’s an unconventional burger that you can get on the table in about 20 minutes. Pair it with one of these wines for a delicious summer weeknight meal.

Chicken Caesar Burger Recipe and Wine Pairing

Your typical chicken Caesar salad is usually tossed with a creamy dressing that has assertive flavors like anchovy, garlic, fresh lemon, and salty Parmesan cheese. But combined into a burger format, those flavors become much more mild and integrated and less pungent, allowing for more flexibility with wine pairing.

Chardonnay: Kim Crawford Unoaked Chardonnay ~ $15

A crisp Chardonnay is a nice match with its fresh aromatics and clean mouthfeel. This one has tropical aromas and flavors like pineapple and melon, along with some citrus and peach. Though not aged in oak, this wine does have a fuller body making it stand up well to these hearty burgers, but it is refreshing enough to not weigh you down.

Chardonnay: Four Vines Naked Chardonnay ~ $10

This is another great option if you’re looking for an unoaked, refreshing, crisp Chardonnay for these burgers. This one is light in color and body with fresh citrus aromas and flavors along with some mild grapefruit and melon, and some mineral undertones. The body is crisp, light, and bright, yet fruity enough to stand up to any bold flavors from the Caesar dressing.

Off-Dry Riesling: Cave Spring Cellars Riesling ~ $15

Riesling is a good option with these burgers to offset any pungency from topping the burgers with extra Caesar dressing. If you should chose to add additional sauce, choose a wine that will stand up to the bold flavors of the dressing. This Riesling has a touch of sweetness to it with flavors of apricot and peach, along with some floral and citrus notes. It is fruity with strong acidity on the palate that will help to cut through any richness of the sauce, but it’s juicy enough to balance with the meat.

Off-Dry Riesling: Standing Stone Vineyards Riesling ~ $12

There are a lot of aromatics on this wine which is full of exotic and tropical fruit along with green apple and apricot. Lively and fruity and a touch on the sweet side, it is balanced out with mouthwatering acidity, making it refreshing yet bold enough to mingle well with the juiciness from these burgers.

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