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Today is Global Champagne Day! Pick up your favorite bottle of genuine Champagne from France and celebrate. To help you, we’ve compiled some Champagne suggestions, crafts, resources for learning about Champagne, and more.

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Champagne Reviews

In our 5 Wines to Enjoy series, a number of experts shared a champagne they like to splurge on.

This Champagne is 100% Chardonnay from the Ambonnay region and is crafted from Eric Rodez’s own Grand Cru Vineyards. (He is also the mayor of the town!)  The wine is a multivintage blend which is a skill he learned and mastered while working in the cellars at Krug.  Eric Rodez Blanc de Blanc has some of the smallest bubbles I have ever seen in a Champagne and has hints of exotic fruit flavors like mango and passion fruit.  Champagne pairs with everything and that is why it is the perfect wine, but I like to drink this bubbly with some chilled shellfish.

  • Jason Endsley – NV Pierre Péters Cuvée de Réserve, Champagne, France – $79.99

Made from 100% ancient-vine Chardonnay of a Grand Cru vineyard, Pierre Péters Non-Vintage Champagne is elegance in a glass.  Slightly toasted caramel notes greet the nose and fine bubbles dance on the palate, with citrus fruit and fine minerality following.  This is one fine champagne to enjoy – anytime.

So many people think that Champagne is only for a special occasion, WRONG!!!!! The next time you are in a wine store, grab a bottle of Champagne and bring it home and pop it, midweek dinner just got more exciting.

  • Dini Rao – Vintage Champagne, like the 1998 Henriot Millésimé Brut Champagne 

I always have a bottle of vintage bubbly in the house since you never know when you might need it for a special occasion. But, more importantly, it’s one of those wines that when you pull it out for no reason, it turns a boring, average evening into an exciting, memorable one.

I LOVE vintage Champagnes! It’s always a splurge but it’s perfect for those really special occasions. The complexity of Bollinger really highlights to me the specialness of the region, and they take such great care in the production of these wines. It really shows in the final quality.

  • Catie McIntyre – Nicolas Feuillate Brut Rosé bubblesAt $40, I am a modest splurger. Really, I am. My splurge would be a bottle of perfectly chilled Nicolas Feuillate Brut Rosé bubbles. Oh sure, I could reach out and mention several world class bottles I have tasted that range from well over a $100, but this is my go-to splurge. This French Champagne is a pretty color of copper pink with flavors of fresh berries, yet crisp and perfectly balanced – – and of course the bubbles tickle my nose. It’s just an elegant wine without being pretentious. There are days I crave it.

Sparkling Wine Reviews

And if you’re looking for a sparkling wine that’s not Champagne, here are more suggestions from our 5 Wines to Enjoy series.

I wish this sparkling wine were available in every state throughout the U.S. If everyone could just have a glass of this after a hard day at work, they’d be a lot happier.  And yes, it is from New Mexico.  Trust me on this one.

  • Alana Gentry – Artiste Effervescence East Willamette Valley Sparkling Wine Method Champenoise (NV)

(170 cases produced) Bion Rice is a Master Blender. Located in Los Olivios California, he uses old world assemblage techniques with new world terroir. Everything Bion makes is unique, delicious and exciting. $75

Gruet Brut, at $14, the highest QPR sparkling wine in the US in my opinion — and from New Mexico of all places.  When in need of just one glass of bubbles during the week, this is our go-to sparkling wine.  Crisp green apple, grapefruit with hints of bread dough.

  • Sheila Marie – Louis Bouillot Cremat de Bourgogne Rose under $20

This sparkler has all the flavours of champagne without the high price tag. Pairs with almost anything or all on its own. It has a rich creamy mouth feel.

“The dream” is the translation for this extraordinary bubbly which is 100% chardonnay.  It sells for less than $100 a bottle and would go with crab, lobster, caviar and creamy cheeses.  They do produce less expensive sparklers, but treat yourself!

  • Tim Eck – Tarantas Sparkling Rose NV ($10.99)

This fun summer sparkler hails from Spain and is made from the little known and underappreciated Bobal grape variety. It’s intensely fruity and just plain FUN.

Schramsberg has long been the unofficial bubbles to the White House. Kings, Queens and Heads of State have had their noses tickled by this Californian during formal events at the Presidential manner. Schramsberg has also carries a Rose Brut and a Blanc Noir that are equally as good, but if we are looking to size up to Champagne, Blanc de Blanc would be your contender. Bubbles…everyone needs to get back into them. Champagne, sparkling, Cava, Prosecco, whatever! Life is short, drink up!

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