December is the time of year when my phone explodes with text messages from friends asking holiday wine questions such as:

  • I’m going to a party and want to bring a wine my hostess will actually like. What should I buy?
  • What wine should I serve with dinner? My father-in-law is a wine snob, and I want to impress!
  • Aaaack! I’m at the store and they don’t have my sister’s favorite Chardonnay. What do I do?
  • We’re having a party. What wines should we pour?

Yep. Those are the kinds of texts and emails I receive in droves in December. Guess what? You don’t need to message me to find the answers to those questions. I built a team to create an app so you can find them on your own. All you need is our FREE iPhone wine app, Wine4.Me

Learn how to find the answers to your holiday wine questions using the free Wine4.Me app.

Wine4.Me is different from other wine apps because it doesn’t tell you what everyone else likes, it tells you what YOU will like (or what your sister, or anyone else for whom you want to be a gift, will like, if you know a wine she already likes).

We have a database featuring objective characterizations of wines, rather than biased reviews. Looking for wines with certain characteristics? Or looking to find a wine that might taste similar to another wine you enjoy?

Just in time for the craziest wine-buying time of the year, we launched a brand new update and user interface to make it MUCH easier to use and help solve your biggest wine gift-giving and serving dilemmas.

What wine should I give a hostess?

If you’re wondering what wine to give a hostess, click “Find a Specific Bottle,” enter a wine you know she likes. Wine4.Me will bring up a list of very similar wines. Scroll through and find the one that matches the price you want to pay, pick a cute gift bag, write a fun note (“Our friendship is like a fine wine, it just keeps getting better with age,” might work) and you are ready to party.

What wine would pair well and impress?

If you need a food pairing AND need to impress, use our “Find Food/Wine Pairings” feature to select your dish (or wine), then scroll through the options. You can choose to spend more on a bottle to impress, less on one you’ll know you’ll enjoy regardless.

This store doesn’t carry the wine I want. What’s a good substitute?

When a store is out of stock or doesn’t carry a wine you want (or the wine your sister loves), simply click “Find a Specific Bottle” from the home page, enter a specific wine, select it, and then tap on “View Wines Like This” to find a wine with very similar taste characteristics.

What wine should I serve at my holiday party?

Of course you want to serve what you like, too! If you’ve been using Wine4.Me and have ranked more than a few wines, the app knows what you like and has a great ranked list of wines based on your flavor preference. Click “Red Wines,” “White Wines,” or “Pink Wines” and then a variety to see a list of wines of all the wines in our app of that type, ranked in order of YOUR preference. Pick a wine near the top of your list, and you’re sure to serve wine that will be delicious. (You wouldn’t want to serve wine you won’t like, right?)

Pairing cheese and even more holiday wine help…

You can even use a the sort function at the top of the list to determine how much you want to spend.

Also, check out our Wines to Serve at Your Holiday Party recommendations as well as how to pair wine and cheese.

I hope this helps you make it through the holiday season with some extra cheer and less stress.

Have more questions I didn’t answer? Let me know in the comments. Happy Holidays!


PS: If you are an Android user, please know that we are working as best we can to get an Android version of Wine4.Me built just as soon as we get funding to do so. If you’d like to be one of the first to know about our Android launch progress, please sign up to get Wine4.Me Android launch updates. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

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