Looking for a light, refreshing glass of Moscato for yourself or a bottle (or even a box) to share? During one of our wine evaluations for the Wine4.Me app, I tasted 13 Moscato wines and found a few I’d definitely suggest. (Unlike our expert evaluators, I get to see what wines I’m tasting, whereas our rock star evaluators taste everything blind.)

5 Moscato Wine Recommendations from Wine4.Me/blog

So what are my Moscato wine recommendations? Read on, my friends, and hopefully I’ll introduce you to a new Moscato you’ll love and maybe a few you’d love to share.

A More Sophisticated Moscato: Cascinetta Vietti

I first enjoyed Cascinetta Vietti Moscato at Camerata in Houston. (Camerata has a fantastic wine list and a great vibe, by the way. If you’re in Houston, it’s on my don’t miss wine bar list for sure.) I was apprehensive about ending my night on a Moscato, but then it was pointed out that Moscato can be a great wine to round out an evening. It’s lower alcohol than a big, bold red, plus it’s sweet, light, and a perfect dessert option.

I’m thankful I was introduced to it, as it opened my eyes to what Moscato can do and led me to want to be sure it was included in the Wine4.Me database. I’d serve this one in my house and give it as a gift.

Bubbly and Elegant: Castello del Poggio Provincia Di Pavia Moscato

Castello del Poggio Provincia Di Pavia Moscato was the bubbliest of the bunch with light bubbles, a light, fruity flavor and, like the one above, would make a delicious dessert! Add the elegant bottle and you’ve got a sophisticated looking gift with delicious wine inside.

Cute Bottle: Cupcake Moscato

I found Cupcake Moscato to be light, simple, and fun. Another plus is that Cupcake Moscato is easy to find, and it is pretty inexpensive. This one is perfect for a night in with girlfriends.

Reliable and Light: Bartenura Moscato

Bartenura Moscato is light, sweet, and does what it should. I hate to mention the bottle or label again, but a blue bottle is just fun, too. (And isn’t Moscato about fun?)

Great Moscato for a Crowd: Almaden 

Box wines are great for serving a crowd and for when you need your wine to stay fresh in the box for a while. Typically, a box wine will last about one month, with the last glass tasting as fresh as the first, which makes it perfect to keep on hand.

I found the Almaden Moscato to be light and fruity and to do just what a Moscato should. This was not my favorite of the bunch, but I’d definitely suggest it for a super-affordable yet still delicious option for a party.

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2 thoughts on “5 Moscato Wine Recommendations

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  2. Louis Goglia 4 years ago

    My wife and I enjoyed reading your selection of Moscato wines and would like to add some of our thoughts. We started drinking Moscato wines several months ago and have settled on a few for the time being. We will continue to try others as we expand our taste buds to other Moscato wines.

    As far a white Moscato wine are concerned, we really like the Yellow Tail Moscato the best, although that could change as we continue to try more white Moscato wine.

    The Red Moscato wines we like Beringer and Barefoot. The Barefoot Moscato wine is a lot more fruity in taste. The Beringer is not as fruity and gets better the more you drink. Personally I do not like the fruity taste and much as the less fruity Beringer. My wife and I usually have one or two glasses a night. She drinks the red because she was told that it is better for her because of her Macular Degeneration.

    We are not wine experts but just sharing our brief experience in drinking a red wine. Oh, by the way, one of the nicest wines we had was a Roscato wine by Dolca! It has a really smooth taste. I am not sure that is the proper name of the company but it sounds close.