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If you’ve got a car enthusiast who also happens to enjoy wine on your shopping list, we’ve got an easy gift idea for you to consider. Most car enthusiasts are familiar with James May, co-presenter of the wildly successful television program Top Gear. He’s down-to-earth. He’s quirky. He’s just plain funny. And, he’s entered into the world of wine.

Oz & James’s Big French Wine Adventure

Oz and James Big Wine Adventure France | VineSleuth UncorkedIn 2006 , James May paired up with wine expert Oz Clarke to create a mini-series for BBC focusing on French wine. The premise? Oz is one of the world’s leading authorities on French wine. And James? Well, he knows a lot about cars but not much about wine. Over the course of several weeks, the two travel around France in James’ Jaguar XJS. Oz gives James (and the viewer) an education about French wine, but of course James keeps things from getting boring.

  • Episode 1: Bordeaux and Languedoc-Rouission — basic winemaking
  • Episode 2: Southwest and Provence — wine and food matching
  • Episode 3: Rhone Valley and Chateau Neuf de Pape — wine blending
  • Episode 4: Alsace and Burgundy — terroir and barrel-making
  • Episode 5: Champagne — champagne production

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Oz & James’ Big Wine Adventure: California

Oz and James Big Wine Adventure California | VineSleuth UncorkedIn 2007, Oz and James hit the road again, this time in California’s beautiful wine country. They explored small artisan vineyards as well as exclusive upscale wineries and corporate mass producers. As always, James’ goal is to find a decent wine for under $20 while providing entertainment along the way.

  • Episode 1: Santa Barbara County
  • Episode 2: Paso Robles
  • Episode 3: Monterey
  • Episode 4: Santa Cruz Mountains
  • Episode 5: San Francisco Bay
  • Episode 6: Los Carneros
  • Episode 7: Sonoma Valley
  • Episode 8: Napa Valley

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Either (or both) of these videos would make an easy and affordable gift. They retail for about $33 each but are available on Amazon for approximately $22. You can even purchase a bottle or two from one of the wine regions to accompany the video. If you’re in a bit of a time crunch, consider signing up for Amazon Prime (One Year Membership) and get free 2-day shipping. If you’re not sure you want to commit to Prime, you can get a free 30-day trial. Perfect for this time of year!

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