The Wine4.Me app can help you find the perfect wine to pair with cheese so you don't have to guess what to serve at your holiday gathering. Wine4.Me/blog

Wine and cheese make life better. It’s true.

They also make the Wine4.Me app better! We’ve listened to your feedback, and the Wine4.Me app can now help you find the perfect wine to pair with cheese. No longer do you have to guess what wine to serve with your cheese plate at your holiday gathering. You can find wine and cheese pairing recommendations in our app with just a couple of taps.

We’re so excited about this new feature because it opens up all sorts of wine and cheese pairing fun for the holidays! You can put together a great cheese plate with wine for your next party or an at-home date night, or host a Wine & Cheese Tasting Party.

It’s easy to serve up a great cheese plate and some wonderfully paired wines. Here’s how:

Make a great cheese plate:

  • Select at least 3 – 6 types of cheese.
  • Serve them up on a nice platter or wooden board along with a knife for each type of cheese.
  • Make a few slices of each type of cheese to get the party started. Not sure how to slice a particular type of cheese? Check out this great guide on how to slice every shape of cheese. (In case you didn’t know, yes, it is a faux pas to slice off the tip of the brie wedge!)
  • Offer a variety of crackers and some baguette slices to go with the cheese.
  • Set out some other nibbles such as fresh fruit (apples, pears, grapes), dried fruit (figs, apricots), and nuts.

Use the Wine4.Me app to pair wine and cheese:

  • Make sure you have the latest Wine4.Me app update.
  • Tap on the FOOD tab and then type CHEESE in the search box. It will show you the cheese varieties that are available. There are 15 types available and they are listed as CHEESE (TYPE).
  • Tap on the type of cheese that you’d like to pair with wine to see the results.
  • If you’d like to see the specific wine varieties that pair with that type of cheese, tap the FILTER circle at the top and then tap GRAPE.
  • The app will help you find wines tailored to your personal taste profile. You can also check out our list of wines to serve at your holiday party that we’ve found to be crowd-pleasers.

Enjoy some great wine and cheese this holiday season!


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