So, you’ve already downloaded the FREE Wine4.Me app, and you’ve trained the app by telling it your wine preferences. Hopefully, you’ve already used the app to find some personalized wine rankings to help you make your choices at the store or your favorite restaurant. But did you stop there?

We hope not!

YOU are a key component in the Wine4.Me app. The training process is essential to begin, but the ongoing wine rating process is just as important. Every time you try a wine that is listed in the app, rate it so the app can serve you better!

When you rate wines, you give the app more information about you and your wine preferences that will make the app’s wine recommendations for you even more accurate.

Not sure how to rate a wine in the app? It’s easy. Just follow these simple steps.

Note:  Please see updated information about how to rate wines in this post.


How to Rate a Wine in Wine4.Me

Why Should You Rate Wines in the Wine4.Me App? at Wine4.Me/blog

Find the wine you want to rate.

  1. Tap on the Find A Wine button.
  2. Tap on the color of wine — Red, White, or Pink. Then tap the blue Search button.
  3. In the gray search box, type the name of the wine you want to rate.
  4. Tap on the name of the specific wine you want to rate.

This will bring up the Wine Detail screen.

Why Should You Rate Wines in the Wine4.Me App? at Wine4.Me/blog

  1. Tap on the burgundy Rate button at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Rate the wine by tapping a thumbs down if you did not care for it at all or a number of wineglasses (1 – 5) to indicate how much you liked it. Five wine glasses means that you absolutely loved it. The thumb or wineglass should turn green when you tap on it.
  3. Then tap Rate to save your selection.

Then the app works some more magic.

Once the app saves your rating, it will use that particular wine’s data along with your rating to adjust your personal taste profiles. As a result, your future wine recommendations generated by Wine4.Me will more accurately reflect your preferences. The more wines you rate, the better the app will be at ranking wines for you personally.

Get tasting and rating those wines!

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