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Box wine. People are always asking me about it, wondering what I think. And I always tell them that they should give boxed wine a try and stop living in the 1980s. Really.

Boxed wines have come a long, long way since then. As a side note, so have rosés, too. Pink doesn’t mean sweet White Zinfandel anymore, people. Rosé often means crisp, dry and perfect for sipping or with light foods. But I digress. Back to box wines. Here are the reasons why I like box wine:

1. Box wines are easy to transport

Boxed wine (or bag in box, if you want to sound like an industry insider) takes up a lot less room. Take a look at that picture again. Those big boxes at the top hold the equivalent of four bottles of wine. And the cardboard weighs way less than the glass of four bottles.

2. Box wines stay fresher longer than bottled wine

Have a glass or two, or however many you’d like, without worry of wasting the rest of the bottle. Really. Bag in box wines stay fresh for about a month, so you can open a box and enjoy it as long as you can keep it around. This makes it perfect for having a glass or two of wine each night with dinner and knowing what to expect when you pour the next glass—it will be just the same without worry of oxidation.

3. Box wines taste good!

Yes, boxed wine can, and often does, taste good. Seriously. Stop being a snob and give a few a try if you haven’t lately. I bet you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Sure, not every one is fantastic, but that’s the case with all wines. Try a few, and I bet you’ll find some you like.

4. Box wines can be taken to events where glass is not allowed

You can take box wines to pool parties and other outdoor events because cardboard and plastic won’t shatter and cut anyone’s foot. It won’t spill. It will take a LOT of effort to make a mess from bag-in-box wines. Whereas glass, as we all know, can break and get knocked over. So when glass is not allowed, box wine provides a fantastic alternative.

5. Box wines are better for the earth than glass bottles

Bag in box wines create less waste and use less energy in making the packaging. So, for all you earth-lovers out there, box wines are an excellent environmental choice.

6. Box wines are easy on the budget

Bag in box wine is usually extremely reasonably priced, even though the wine can be of high quality. Often, a four-bottle box of wine is about $25, which amounts to just over $6 per bottle. Economically, they are a good choice whether you are buying for one or two people or a bigger crowd. When it’s just a few of you, you can save the rest rather than waste it, and when you are buying for a crowd, the prices are much easier to bear than many bottled wines out there.

7. Box wines’ flavor is predictable

Box wines are very consistent. Once you find one you like, you can stick with it and know that the next box you buy will taste just like the last one. Oftentimes, I like to be adventurous, but sometimes I like to go with something I know I’m going to like and that I know a crowd will like, too (if I’m hosting). Box wines fit that bill beautifully.

So there you have it, 7 reasons I like box wines–my reasons for liking boxed wine. What about you? What do you think about bag in box wines? Have you tried any lately? And are there any you would recommend?

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why I Like Box Wine

  1. Mary 5 years ago

    I agree, you can’t judge boxed wines from how they were decades ago. They have come a long way.

    When I was consulting for a restaurant a few years ago the owner wanted to have two $4 happy hour wines (one red, one white) but wanted the very best price. I recommended he go with a new line of box wines that had just come available. It seemed the perfect fit for him as his list was simply labeled “Happy Hour Red”, and “Happy Hour White” (because the offerings rotated) and the customers didn’t know what the wine was, therefore wouldn’t get freaked out about the fact that the wine came from a box. Then, if they liked the wine (which most of them did, for the price that is) and wanted to know what it was, to tell them after the fact that it was boxed almost always pleasantly surprised them. The nice part for the owner was that there was hardly ever any waste since the boxes stay fresher longer than a bottle, so he never had to dump wine that went bad. Plus the quality of the wine, for that price, was quite good!

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