Building on the success of our smartphone app, we are proud to announce new customer engagement tools for retail. Our tools are designed to engage shoppers, increase sales and collect valuable consumer data for your business.

Wine4.Me In-Store Wine Advisor

Easy to Use

Our flagship retail product uses objective cognitive computing and sensory science to personalize the wine-buying experience. Your customer just needs to tell our Wine4.Me In-Store Wine Advisor what sort of wine they’re looking for—like a dry red wine under $20 that pairs well with steak.

Rewarding Results

Our kiosk will then populate a list of results unique to the consumer’s taste AND store inventory. With Watson speech to text to technology and our extensive wine database, finding the right bottle for the right occasion is clean, simple and fun. And you’ll learn what shoppers at your store are looking for!.

Room to Grow

Our methods can be applied to other artisanal foods and beverages, such as craft beer, cider, spirits, coffee, tea, chocolate, cheese… the sky’s the limit!

Did you know?

Wine in your customer’s shopping cart means $13 in additional food sales. (February 2015 - The Nielson Company)

We can help you grow that.

Branded Apps for Retailers

Customers love the Wine4.Me app—rated a “Top 5 Must Have App” by Mashable—and we’re sharing that success with our retail partners. Our branded apps allow retailers to use their own unique branding and inventory data along with our trusted technology to deliver personalized wine recommendations for customers.

What's Next?

Our team is working on embeddable technology that will allow plugins for retail websites and smartphone apps. That means more customization, more consumer loyalty and more valuable data to better your business!


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