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If you’re looking for a different way to serve steak, you don’t want to miss out on this amazing recipe for Steak Salad with Roasted Corn, Strawberries, and Blue Cheese from Jessica at Stuck on Sweet. Salads do not have to be boring — this salad just bursts with color and flavor. Take it over the top with one of these wine pairing suggestions:

Steak Salad Recipe and Wine Pairing

Who says you can’t pair red wine with salad? Grill up some steak and add some blue cheese and you’ve got a recipe that calls for fruity bold red wines. Just go easy on the dressing if it is vinegar based, as the acid in the dressing may interfere with the bold red wines.

Bordeaux Red Blend: MontGras Quatro Reserva ~ $14

Filled with rich aromas of black berries, black cherries, and plums, along with spice, vanilla, and toast, this wine has bold fruit in the mouth with some mild tannins. The rich fruit will balance well with the strawberries in the salad and will contrast well with the salty blue cheese.

Cabernet Sauvignon: 14 Hands Cabernet Sauvignon ~ $10

A crowd-pleasing wine with lots of berry fruit aromas (raspberry, blueberry, black berries, and cherries) along with some spice, herb, and toast notes. This is a medium bodied wine with velvety tannins that will balance quite well with the juicy steak but won’t interfere with the sweet ingredients in the salad.

Merlot: Beaulieu Vineyard BV Merlot ~ $19

Lots of red berry fruit, plums, cocoa, and dark chocolate aromas lead into a lush fruit in the mouth with velvety textures. Lush, ripe, and juicy with some lingering spice and vanilla.

Malbec: Crios Malbec ~ $14

Malbec is always a winner with any grilled steak, even when served on a salad! Loads of juicy dark berries, black cherries, along with violets, spice, and toasty oak aromas. Jammy and smooth on the palate with some lingering spice that will balance perfectly with the grilled meat.

Nebbiolo: Borgogno Langhe Nebbiolo ~ $20

Looking to try something a little different? This Nebbiolo has exiting aromas of rich cherry, strawberry, leather, and spice, and is quite dry on the palate. The juicy steak will soften the bold tannins found in the wine.

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