Duck with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce Wine Pairing

It's true that we love highlighting quick and delicious recipes here in our wine pairings. However, sometimes it's fun to switch things up and choose a recipe that is a bit fancier. This Duck with Red Wine Mushroom Sauce and Lentils from Savory Simple is one of those fancier recipes that takes about an hour to prepare. With pan-fried duck with a red wine sauce served over French lentils with kale on the side, it looks well worth the effort. Especially when you can enjoy it with one of these red wines.

Chicken Parmesan Sliders Wine Pairing

Chicken Parmesan Sliders and Wine Pairing

Like Chicken Parmesan? You'll want to try this easy variation for Parm-Style Chicken Sliders that you can find over at Prevention RD. Lean ground chicken is mixed with Parmesan, pizza sauce, and seasonings and grilled up into these tasty little sliders. They come together in as little as thirty minutes, so they're perfect for a weeknight dinner. Add a glass of wine, and they're even better.