Happy Valentine’s Day from the Wine4.Me team! If you’re still looking for wine and food ideas to celebrate this day of love, we have some suggestions for you.

Sparkling Wine

Earlier this week, Amy talked on local television about the different sweetness levels of sparkling wine, including Champagne, and she suggested some sparkling wines as well as two red wines that would be perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Here’s the cheat sheet.

Valentine's Day Ideas - Sparkling Wine Sweetness Cheat Sheet at Wine4.Me

Date Night Menu Ideas

If you want to prepare a nice meal and eat at home, here are some delicious recipes. You’ll find wine pairings to go with them also.

Wine and Chocolate Pairing

Since most people celebrate Valentine’s Day with some kind of chocolate, be sure to check out our wine and chocolate pairing guidelines.

More Ideas on Pinterest

On our Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board you’ll find more great ideas like:

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#WineFit Challenge Wrap Up

Valentine's Day Ideas and #WineFit Wrap Up at Wine4.Me

Finally, we hope that over the past 30 days you became more #WineFit with our 30 day challenge. If you missed any, here is a list of all 30 days:

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