Wine Clue of the Week: Wine Temperature for Serving

Last night VineSleuth Uncorked hosted an informal wine tasting for early arrivals to the Savvy Blogging Summit.

Mark of Experience Wine led us through tasting 5 delicious wines, all of which can be found most often for less than $20 a bottle. I’ll share more details of the tasting soon.

First, I wanted to share with you a few clues and tips he revealed about the right temperatures for serving wine so you can get the most out of any bottle or glass.

  • White wines should be served at a temperature ranging fromĀ  50 to 55 degrees.
  • Red wines should typically be served at a temperature ranging from 60 to 65 degrees.

So how can you do this at home without a wine refrigerator?

When you bring the wine home from the store, place your whites in the refrigerator and reds in spot where they won’t experience much temperature fluctuation. Twenty minutes before you intend to serve the wine, take your bottle of white out of the refrigerator and/or place your red in the refrigerator. Twenty minutes later, your wine is bound to be at an ideal temperature for enjoying!

What about when you are at a restaurant?

Mark reminded us that when at a restaurant, sometimes the wine might not be served at the ideal temperature. Since you are paying for it, you want to be sure you enjoy it at its best, right?

Touch the bottle or glass to gauge the temperature. If it needs chilling, don’t be shy about asking the waiter to pop it in the refrigerator for you. If you’ve ordered a glass and it feels too cold, just wrap your hands around the glass to warm it up a bit and then enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who attended andĀ  made last night a success… and a big thank you to Andrea of Greenbacks Gal for opening her home to us and providing lots of yummy bites to accompany the wines. (She made a fantastic blueberry Brie bake that was out of this world!) I’ll be posting pictures and more details soon.

In the meantime, do you have any clues you would like to shared about wine? Leave your questions here and I’ll report back…

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