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Photo Source: The Space Between

When you’re entertaining a crowd, you want to relax and enjoy time with your friends. You do NOT want to be worrying about whether or not your guests will be leaving watermarks on the end table that your beloved Aunt Margaret left you. Make sure that you’ve got plenty of coasters on hand and scattered around your entertainment area so that your guests can grab one when they need it.

Karah from The Space Between shared these simple and stylish DIY Sisal Coasters with us. They’re very inexpensive to make — about $5 or so for a set of 8. If you’re worried about getting burned from the glue, try using a low-temp hot glue gun. They run at a lower temperature and hurt much less than traditional ones.

So, grab a glass of your favorite wine, heat up that glue gun, and make yourself some cool coasters!

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