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Photo Source: Good Cheap Eats. Used with permission.

If you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner, these Grilled Shrimp or Fish Tacos from Good Cheap Eats may just be what you’re looking for. The prep is easy — just mix up a quick spice rub from pantry staples, stir up an amazing sauce, and chop the toppings. You can prep most components of the meal ahead of time, if needed, so dinner can really pull together in a flash.

Although the recipe calls for grilling the fish (or shrimp, if you prefer), you can certainly cook it on the stove. It’s fabulous either way. Add a glass of Albarino to make it really spectacular.

Grilled Shrimp or Fish Taco Recipe and Wine Pairing

Certainly, several wines will work with these flavorful fish tacos, Pinot Gris/Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc for example, but our favorite is Albarino. Albarino, with its fruity and citrus flavors is a very versatile food wine, is fantastic with seafood, and can stand up well to heat, citrus, and whatever toppings you chose to load up on your tacos.

Albarino: Burgans Albarino ~ $13

Fresh and crisp with aromas of green apple, peach, apricot, and tropical fruit, this wine is crisp and refreshing on the palate with a zesty minerality and crisp finish. There’s the slightest hint of sweetness making it perfect if you chose to add some spice and heat to your tacos.

Albarino: Martin Codax Albarino ~ $15

Crisp, peachy, and citrusy with a lush and fruity palate, this wine is medium-bodied with some additional pineapple and passion fruit flavors and bright acidity, making it balance quite well with the variety of citrus and spicy flavors from the tacos.

Albarino: Pazos de Lusca Zio Albarino ~ $16

There is lots of tropical fruit and crisp citrus on this Albarino. In the mouth, you’ll find more citrus fruit flavors and a dry, crisp, clean finish. A good choice if you go easy on spicy seafood rub.

Albarino: Bodegas Fillaboa Albarino ~ $18

This particular Albarino has loads of orange blossom, apple, pear, melon, lemon, grapefruit, and even some pineapple aromas. Lively on the palate, this wine has a bit more body to it, making it a good match if you like to load up your tacos full of toppings and sauce. This wine can handle it.

Albarino: Bodegas Paso Robles Galicia Albarino ~ $23

This wine has juicy aromas of fresh pear, apricot, and peach fruit up front followed by crisp grapefruit flavors and a touch of sweetness on the finish. The juicy fruit aromas and flavors balanced by the crisp grapefruit and sweetness will tame the spicy seafood rub and stand up well to lots of toppings.

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