A guest post by Keith Bray

In my previous post, I discussed why the casual to serious wine drinker should own a wine fridge. This post is all about making sure you pick the right one for you.

If you followed my guidance and did research, you know there are a ton of choices from many manufacturers with different features. How can you possibly decide which to choose? The answer certainly depends on many factors that are unique to you and your wine collection, so only you can decide in the end. But don’t fear! Let me help you narrow your choices. Having recently purchased a new fridge (my third in 15 years), I’ve made my list of the four key things you don’t want to overlook.

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How to Choose a Wine Fridge: 4 Key Elements

1. Capacity

Consider getting a fridge with a larger wine capacity than you think you need. You will inevitably start collecting more wine once you have a fridge. Also, most manufacturers publish wine storage count using a single uniform (small) sized bottle (i.e., French Bordeaux bottles are smaller than many California bottles). Unless you only drink Bordeaux, my advice is to get a fridge with a rated capacity of at least two to three times the number of bottles you currently own. You’ll be surprised, but a 50-bottle capacity fridge may only hold about 20 variable-sized bottles.

2. Appearance

I enjoy storing my wine where I see it and can enjoy looking at it. Choose a glass front fridge that shows off your collection if the fridge will be in plain sight. Otherwise, a solid door is fine. Want the ultimate upgrade? Get one with an internal light such as the Eurocave 9000 series.

3. Brand and Support

It’s true that you often get what you pay for, and with wine fridges it can be the same. It’s easy for many of us to gravitate towards the brands we know for food fridges, but consider brands that specialize in wine storage (Vinotemp, EuroCave, and others).

Warranty is important, as is customer service. I highly recommend reading reviews for a particular unit before purchasing. If there are few to no reviews, I’d recommend checking out other models. With every electrical or mechanical machine, there will be some that have problems, and the key is to look for reviews that speak favorably about dealing with customer service regarding repair, exchange, or return of the fridge.

4. How long will you be in your home?

Moving refrigerators from one home to another requires special care. This is one reason many choose to convey their fridge when selling their home. Like a first home, it’s okay to get a starter wine fridge. Who knows, maybe one day you will be building your own cellar! The idea is to protect your wine, not break the bank. Even a modestly price fridge should protect your wine through the hottest months of the year.

There are many other wine fridge features and characteristics, such as dual zone temperature, carbon filtering, etc. I personally don’t mind my reds and whites being stored at the same temperature, but that’s not the right call for everyone. I recommend you do your own research and choose what fits you best, but know that temperature fluctuations and sunlight exposure tend to be the things I worry about most with my wine. Nearly all wine fridges will do a great job protecting against those elements, so I recommend that all wine enthusiasts purchase a fridge.

So get shopping, and protect your wine today!

Keith_BrayKeith Bray is a wino-wanna-be. He has been casually enjoying wine in the evenings with his wino friends for many years, but he spends his days as a veteran technologist and business leader in the software industry. Passionate about building technology that changes the world, he thrives on finding ways to leverage technology to change the way people live, work, and play.

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