Welcome back to #WineFit Wednesday! Today we’ll be talking about a Pinot Gris from California.
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 J Vineyards Pinot Gris

This Pinot Gris from J Vineyards comes from California and runs about $14 per bottle.

Food Pairings

If you’re wondering what to pair with J Vineyards Pinot Gris, try one of these dishes or use your Wine4.Me app to find more wine and food pairings.

It’s easy to use the Wine4.Me app to find more food pairings for this wine. Just do the following:

  • Tap on Wine & Food
  • Tap on the burgundy-colored Wines tab and then type J Vineyards Pinot Gris into the search box. Tap on the selection.
  • You’ll get a list of dishes that would pair well with this wine. Easy!

About J Vineyards

In 1986, Judy Jordan sought to start a winery that specialized in crafting sparkling wine. Very quickly, J Vineyards became known for producing quality sparkling wine made in the traditional Méthode Champenoise. You can find out more about this fascinating sparkling wine process here. Over the years, J Vineyards expanded to develop other varietals as well, which is why we can now enjoy their lovely Pinot Gris. Give it a try soon!

Taste & Rate

Don’t forget to rate this wine in the Wine4.Me app. Not sure how? Check out our tutorial here.

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