It’s Wednesday, so it’s time to check out another wine that you can taste and rate in the Wine4.Me app. Last week, we took a look at a French Sauvignon Blanc. This week, we’re focusing on a Chardonnay from Australia.

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Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay

This Chardonnay from Australia is about $6 per bottle.

Food Pairings

If you’re wondering what to pair with Jacob’s Creek Chardonnay, try one of these dishes or use your Wine4.Me app to find more wine and food pairings.

The Story of Jacob’s Creek

In 1840, a man named William Jacob built a small cabin along an unnamed creek in the Barossa Valley of Southern Australia. Ultimately, that creek would become known as “Jacob’s Creek” and the namesake for Jacob’s Creek Wines.

Around the same time that Jacob was settling along the creek, Johann Menge, a German mineralogist, realized that the Barossa Valley was particularly suited to the growing of wine grapes. In 1847, Johann Gramp, a friend of Menge’s, missed the wines of his homeland of Austria and purchased 30 hectares along Jacob’s Creek to start the first commercial winery in Barossa. The first wine labeled “Jacob’s Creek” was released in 1976.

Today, you can visit the creek as well as the cottage that William Jacob built so many years ago at the Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre.

Taste & Rate

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