Why is it that the summertime lures me into eating so much more junk food than the rest of the year? Since I spend a fair amount of time chasing my kids while in a swimsuit, you’d think I would be a better eater, but, alas, that Chex Mix still beckons.

So, since we are about half-way through summer where I live, (School starts in mid August for my kiddos!!)  I thought we’d talk about junk food and wine, so you can really live it up for the rest of the summer.

“But I thought wine only goes with fancy cheese or a gourmet foods!” You might be thinking. Well, it sure does, but, let’s get real here. Sometimes it totally rocks with other things, too.

Earlier this summer I was enjoying Urban Rielsing from Mosel, Germany, delighting in its almost effervescent tingle on my tongue, its perfect acidity (at least for me) and the crisp apple and pear flavor, when my husband handed me a bowl of sliced pears.. ahhh. Paired with the wine, both were better. Perfect!

Then, I spied a bag of Honey Nut Chex Mix on the counter and had an idea. (We were on vacation in Vermont. I try not to keep things like that on my counter at home.. Too dangerous!)

I ripped open the bag, dropped a few morsels of the sweet, honeyed munchies in my mouth, crunched away and took a sip of the Urban Riesling (about $11) and fell even deeper in love. It was a match made in Sinful Summer Heaven. Seriously. You’ve got to give it a try!

So good!

If you are more of a chocolate person, don’t worry, I’ve got something new for you, too.

Sure, dark chocolate is almost always perfect with a California Cabernet Sauvignon. (I keep those tiny Dove Promises at the ready.)

But I’ve got something a little sillier:

A few weeks ago I wrote about Butterfinger candy bars and Rabbit Ridge Allure de Robles, a Rhone-style red from California. The wine is fruity, but not too sweet and the Butterfinger just makes it even better. And, at about $8 a bottle, it is a total bargain as well.

For movie night, though, pass the popcorn with any kind of bubbles, my latest fave being Schramsberg’ Blanc de Blancs ($32). Popcorn and sparkling wines, like this one from California, or Piper-Heidsieck Champagne from France, never disappoint and I feel as though I’m being healthy with all that popcorn. (Right??)

What are your favorite junkfood or snack food wine pairings? Tell me in the comments.

If you are looking for more traditional combinations (or more of my thoughts about wine), check out this post I recently shared about an amazingly decadent wine and cheese pairing with a triple cream cheese that was buttery and creamy and absolutely perfect…..

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10 thoughts on “Junk Food and Wine

  1. Amanda @ Click. The Good News 6 years ago

    Oh- i’m so guilty of junk food & wine! I feel special when I manage to cut up some good cheese or dig out a nice bread/cracker. It’s usually cashews, or anything else I can find to sip with 😉

    1. VineSleuth 6 years ago

      Cashews are a big hit over here… and almonds, too.

  2. Elizabeth Smith 6 years ago

    I love popcorn and oaked Chardonnay, potato chips and champagne. 🙂

    1. VineSleuth 6 years ago

      Oh now that sounds good, too! 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

  3. Pamela Heiligenthal 6 years ago

    I love the chex mix pairing! And I second Elizabeth on the Champagne and potato chips or popcorn pairing…

  4. Sonadora 6 years ago

    Sparkling wine and hot salty french fries!!

  5. Cindy A. 6 years ago

    This is too junkie, but I like a Cabernet Sauvignon with plain almonds and Spanish Manchego cheese. I pop a couple almonds and a small piece of cheese into my mouth, chew, swallow, and chase it with a swig of the Cab!! Yummy to me.

  6. Alana Gentry 6 years ago

    Is dessert junk food? I love, love, love to have a dessert course. I paired food and wine every night for 5 years as part of my training and 5out of 7 days I had a dessert course. I have a double shelf in my wine fridge just for dessert wines. Just three of my favorites: Vanilla Mini-Cupcakes & Late Harvest French Colombard, Decco Chocolate Port and ice cream and anything with chocolate sauce and aged Port.

  7. Sandra Crittenden 6 years ago

    I am somewhat confused by these comments…I think of nuts and cheese as “healthy snacks”. Don’t mess it up for me! I think Dove dark chocolate promises go well with many rich reds from California, also.

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