We’re happy you’re here with us to get #WineFit! Last week we looked at a French Gewürztraminer, but today we’re looking at a Chardonnay from California.

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Mer Soleil Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

This wine from California runs about $30 per bottle.

Food Pairings

If you’re wondering what to pair with Mer Soleil Barrel Fermented Chardonnay, try one of these dishes or use your Wine4.Me app to find more wine and food pairings.

Mer Soleil vs. Silver

The Wagner family produces two different types of Chardonnay from the fruit of the Santa Lucia Highlands, an appellation of Monterey County, California. Although Mer Soleil and Silver are made from the same fruit, they differ in their fermentation process. While Silver is fermented in stainless steel and cement tanks with modern fermentation methods, Mer Soleil is fermented in French oak barrels.

Taste & Rate

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