The nice folks at Charming Sardinia, which looks to be a guide to selecting and booking luxury hotels in Sardinia, sent me this graphic which pairs Italian wines with suggested foods.

Italian wines are named for their region as the wines in France and Spain are, and not by the grape, as American (and several other countries’) wines are labeled.

So if you don’t know your regions, it can be tough to know what to expect in a wine.

Want to learn more about great pairings for Italian wine and food?

Click on the graphic below. It will take you to the interactive version of the graphic, where you can select a food type and see which Italian wines pair well with that food, or you can click on a wine to see what foods would pair with the wine.

And if you want to know more about luxury hotels in Sardinia, Charming Sardinia can help you there.


Click image to open interactive version (via Charming Sardinia).

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