Pork Tacos and Wine Pairing

Ready for Taco Tuesday? Jessica from Stuck on Sweet has a mouthwatering recipe for Pork Tacos. They’re absolutely perfect for those busy days because your slow cooker does the bulk of the work. Set it to work in the morning, and you’ll be able to enjoy these tacos with a glass of wine after work.

Pork Tacos Recipe and Wine Pairing

Several styles of wine will work well with these pork tacos, with their saltiness and fresh toppings. Rosé is a very versatile match for any style of taco, as is Riesling. But we don’t hold back with just white wines here. Reds can work too. Just look for wines with fresh acidity to match the savoriness in the slow cooked pork.

Riesling: Casa Marin Miramar Vineyard ~$25

Spoil yourself on Taco Tuesday with this exciting Riesling filled with lime, grapefruit, and apricot, along with floral and tropical aromas. Citrusy and minerally on the palate with lively acidity and a rich texture, this mouth-watering wine will refresh your palate after each savory bite.

Riesling: Pacific Rim Riesling ~$11

For a great value that doesn’t skimp on flavor, try this Riesling from Pacific Rim, with a slightly sweet flavor profile. You’ll find lots of peach, pear, apple, and apricot aromas, leading into a full-flavored and fruity mouth that has lots of acidity to balance out the sweetness. A great option if you plan to add any spicy salsa to your tacos.

Grenache: Borsao Garnacha ~ $8

For something red, a Garnacha is a good bet with its fruity aromas and flavors. This full-bodied example boasts lots of blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, and rich cherry, along with some pepper, vanilla, and leather notes. It’s rich in the mouth, but has a savoriness that will balance well with the salty meat.

Pink Blend: Hermann J. Wiemer Dry Rose Cuvee ~$9

Rosé is very versatile, especially with almost any kind of taco. This wine, which is made by blending Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, and a small amount of Chardonnay, is a nice example of a fresh and fruity style with a touch of sweetness.

Pink Blend: Barefoot Refresh Perfectly Pink ~ $6

For something sweet and affordable try this one, blended from Grenache and Moscato grapes. Lots of fruity raspberry, cherry, and strawberry mix with sweet mandarin orange. Light bodied and crisp, with a bit of fizz, the sweetness will be a good match if you chose to spice up these tacos.

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