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With busy schedules in the fall, it’s wonderful to have meals that are quick to prepare and need little hands-on time. This Roasted Pork Tenderloin recipe from Kelly Snyder at Redefined Mom is one you’ll want to try.

It’s an easy to prepare meal that’s delicious. What more could you ask for? Well, maybe some wines to go with it! We’ve got just the wines for you. Try pairing the following wines with this pork tenderloin.

Pork Tenderloin Recipe and Wine Pairing

Pork tenderloin is pretty versatile when it comes to wine pairing. This recipe calls for wrapping the pork in bacon and roasting in a marinade of soy and citrus, which will add flavor and moisture. All of these wines would work well, all for different reasons.

Riesling: Anthony Road Dry Riesling ~$14

White wines can be a great match for pork tenderloin. If you think about it, pork goes well with sweet foods (like apples), so pairing this dish with a wine that reflects those elements will create a nice balance.

Dry Riesling, especially from the Finger Lakes, can reflect great juicy apple and citrus fruit and possess the high acidity needed to match that in this dish. This wine has the apple and peach fruit up front, but also lots of citrus fruit to balance out the acidity found in the sauce for this roasted pork tenderloin.

Viognier: Bonterra ~$13

For a fuller-bodied white wine try Viognier. This full-bodied wine is highly aromatic with peaches, apricot, nectarine, and pineapple, with a touch of sweet vanilla. The key is pairing these aromatics in the wine with the rich aromatic (both sweet and savory) flavors of this juicy roasted pork. The wine’s crisp acidity is strong enough to stand up to all the juices the pork has been roasting in, yet rich enough to create harmony and a nice overall balance.

Malbec: Alamos ~$9

Pork tenderloin is a lean cut of meat, so look for a red wine with mild tannins. This Malbec is full in flavor and body but light in tannins with black cherry, raspberry, and cassis with chocolate, spice and toast. The juicy dark berry flavors and spice will also mingle well with the bacon wrapped around the pork. If you’re craving a fruity red wine to pair with your dinner, this is a great option at a great price.

Grenache: d’Arenberg “The Custodian” ~$16

Pork tenderloin is a mild flavored cut of meat, but does have some sweet undertones. Wrapped in bacon, the flavors become much more, well, pork-like and powerful. Grenache has great red berry aromas, along with some lovely baking spices and mild tannins, adding lots of juicy fruit and spice to accompany the juicy and flavorful meat. To top it off, Grenache can be quite savory, making for a great match for that salty and smoky bacon.

Nero d’ Avola: Cantine Colosi ~$11

This medium bodied wine is bursting with cherry and other red berry aromas. Being low in tannins and high in acidity makes this wine a good candidate for this dish. Combine that with the bold jammy fruit and a touch of peppery spice found in the wine, and it will match up to the bolder flavors of the bacon wrapped around that roasted meat that’s been soaking up all the flavorful juices from the marinade.

We hope you enjoy our wine pairing choices. If you want to know which wines YOU will like best, download the FREE iPhone app Wine4.Me. Tell it what wines you know you like and get your own personalized rankings of best-selling, widely available wines in the US.

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