Mexican Beef Bowls from Gluten-Free Homemaker. Used with permission.

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This recipe for Mexcian Beef Bowls is easy to prepare and can be adapted to many tastes and diets. Pair it with one of our wine recommendations.

Mexican Beef Bowls from Gluten-Free Homemaker. Used with permission.

Do you enjoy letting your slow cooker do the work? This recipe for Mexcian Beef Bowls from Gluten-Free Homemaker is easy to prepare and can be adapted to many tastes and diets. You can serve it over rice and with optional sour cream, cheese, and green onions, or you can omit those and serve it more like a chili. Either way, it will be delicious. Add a glass of wine to make it even more satisfying.

Mexican Beef Bowls Wine Pairing

The type of salsa you choose will affect the overall flavors of this recipe. You can go hot, medium, or mild. For best wine pairing results, we recommend you keep it on the mild side. Either way, any of these earthy and fruity red wines will be a great match for this comforting dish.

Carmenere: Vina Haras de Pirque Equus Carmenere ~ $12

Carmenère, Chile’s signature red grape, is versatile with food and is a great option for a variety of meat dishes. This particular wine offers lots of herb and spice flavors along with some violet and red berry notes. Fairly juicy and soft on the palate with a smooth finish, this is also a great value. The herbal and spice notes in the wine will play well with the savory flavors of the beef.

Carmenere: Errazuriz Don Maximiano Estate Single Vineyard Carmenere ~ $20

You’ll find lots of intense dark berry fruit, plum, and some mocha aromas on this full-bodied wine. The palate smooths out with milder blackberry, fig, and some mild pepper with velvety tannins and a smoky finish. The bold flavors of this wine will stand up well to the rich and comforting flavors found in these beef bowls.

Rhone Red Blend: Cellar Can Blau ‘Can Blau’ ~ $14

This red blend has a mix of spice and smoky notes along with dark cherries, black berries, dark chocolate, and even some floral aromas. The smoke and spice will balance well with the earthy flavors of the beans, any heat from the salsa, and the richness of the beef.

Tempranillo: Bodegas Venta Morales Tempranillo $7

Tempranillo’s can often be big wines, but don’t let that fool you. This is a light and approachable representation of the grape variety, fermented and aged in stainless steel, not oak. This offers the wine fresh fragrant berry aromas and some spice along with a savory quality on the palate. Another nice value red and a great option for a weeknight.

Tempranillo: Bodegas Vina Eguia Reserva ~ $16

Nicely structured with black cherries, herbs, and spice flavors, this wine has medium tannins and enough richness to balance nicely with the dish. The dark fruit and spice will compliment the richness of the slow cooked beef.

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