Temperature Matters at Wine4.Me

A few nights ago I invited some friends over to taste and compare three proseccos I had picked up at the grocery store for between $11 and $15.

One of the girls who came drinks primarily reds, but I wanted to see what she might think and if it might be possible to sway her opinion and get her to drink some bubbly with me.

Unfortunately, someone stored the bottles in the warmer part of our wine refrigerator and the proseccos were not nearly as cold as I had hoped they would be.

We tried them anyhow and that was a mistake. Not one of the three of us enjoyed them any of the three of them. I poured myself a second glass of one, but didn’t enjoy it.

Fast forward a few days later…

We had a lovely dinner out at The Oceanaire and I decided to give prosecco another chance.

I ordered the only one offered on the menu by the glass, which was La Marca ( $7 a glass/ $47 a bottle). I knew the name sounded familiar, but couldn’t place it and enjoyed my cold glass of refreshing bubbles. (To be honest, we were celebrating me that day, so I could have been swayed by my already good mood.) I enjoyed it so much that I ordered another glass and then ordered a bottle to open, sip and take home.

When the bottle came, I realized it was one of the very same proseccos I had rejected at my house earlier in the week! I knew that it had not been chilled enough before, but was surprised at what a tremendous difference the temperature made! It was delicious that night, but no so much a few night earlier.

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