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It’s a big day here at Wine4.Me, and we’re really excited! Today IBM Watson announced its partnership with VineSleuth. IBM plans to use our Wine4.Me technology in store kiosks to provide shoppers with wine recommendations. Here is a quote from Amy in The New York Times.

A customer, explained Amy Gross, president of VineSleuth, will be able to walk up to a kiosk, tap the screen and say, “I want a wine for under $10 that goes well with salmon.” And in reply, the person is shown a list of suggested wines that meet the criteria. If a person registers, the recommendations can become personalized, based on tastes and purchase history.

In IBM’s announcement, it’s described this way:

The Advisor allows consumers to easily share wine preferences in plain language to the kiosk, and receive a custom list of suggested wines based on food pairing, price range, and similarity to another wine and/or a specific flavor profile.

Wouldn’t you love to use a store kiosk to easily find the right wine for you?

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One thought on “VineSleuth Partners with IBM Watson

  1. Randie Jones 1 year ago

    I’ve been watching this app for updates for many months after seeing it on KPRC Houston. As a rookie in the wine domain it would be a very useful tool for me. Any plans for it to be available on the Android platform?