Recently we shared a post from Gordon and Jean with delicious and helpful tips on pairing wine and cheese.

To help your record what you like (and maybe don’t like) we’ve developed a Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart for you to use the next time you enjoy wine and cheese. You could use it alone or pair it with our Wine and Chocolate Pairing Chart for a party.

Free Wine and Cheese Pairing Chart at Wine4.Me/blog


If you’re hosting a party, ask each friend to bring either a favorite wine, favorite cheese, favorite chocolate or two of the three. Once everyone arrives, list the wines and cheeses on the sheets, open the bottles, set out the cheeses, pass out the wine and cheese printables, and let everyone’s taste buds go to town. Then compare notes to see who liked which combinations.

After you’ve finished the cheeses, do the same for the chocolates and compare notes.

Whether you host a party or give the wine and cheese pairing a try on your own, I’d love to know what you discover. Please click back after the fun and share your notes in the comments.

Don’t forget to download the free pairing chart first.


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