Wine Cork Key Chains Craft at Wine4.Me/blog

by contributing writer Janel Piersma

These wine cork key chains would make nice party favors or stocking stuffers. They’re also a great way to remember a special wine or winery visit. If you enjoy crafting, this wine cork craft is just the thing.

You just need a few basic jewelry-making supplies that you can find at your local craft store and a wine cork of course. If you’re making these as party favors, try contacting a winery to see if you can have some corks from their wine tasting rooms or if they would sell some corks to you. If you’re getting married at a winery, this would make an especially memorable party favor.

Wine Cork Key Chains

Wine Cork Key Chains Craft at Wine4.Me/blog


  • wine cork
  • screw eye
  • key chain ring
  • beads
  • straight pin
  • jewelry head pin
  • hammer
  • super glue (optional)


Wine Cork Key Chains Craft at Wine4.Me/blog

Slip the screw eye onto the keychain ring. Screw the eye into one end of the wine cork.

Wine Cork Key Chains Craft at Wine4.Me/blog

Thread the beads of your choosing onto the head pin. Use a straight pin to start a “pilot hole” into the other end of the cork. Place the tip of the head pin into the pilot hole and push it in as far as it will go. Use a hammer to pound it in the rest of the way.

For extra security, you could try adding a small dab of super glue where the screw and the head pins meet the cork.

Photo Source: Janel Piersma

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  2. Nancy 3 years ago

    I make wine cork birdhouses and have sooo………many wine corks…Thanks for sharing another idea with wine corks that I can also make.